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• Taiwan-made high-precision spindle with class P4 bearing and standard speed of 10,000rpm. Optional 12,000rpm.
• Drum Tool Magazine with 24tools ,cam designed automatic tool switching, tool change time within 1.9sec.
• Three axis drive system utilizes direct drive design with Taiwan-made P-class ball screw linear guide go with 3 and 2 bearings pairing,which increases the acceleration while ensuring efficiency and rigidity of transmission.
• Taiwan-made four or five axes dividing plate are optionally available ,unique design of oil and water separator ,ensuring cutting fluid completely separates from lubricate oil, which extends the service lifetime of cutting fluid. Recycling wasted oil for economic efficiency and environmentalfriendliness.
• Fully enclosed body design to avoid oil and mist impact on environment. This also protects the health of employee during machining operation. Such design is environmental and user friendly.
Technical Description:
Line rail vertical machining center is the new generation CNC machine integrates the advantages of domestic and overseas. It is designed by ergonomic precision manufactured technology,automated technology and other advanced concept after the emulation calculation and model machine trial-production of enginee-ring mechanics. This kind of machine tool widely applies to various of metal plates , shell and other mass production of precision parts.

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