• High precision spindle, standard rotate speed is 20000rpm, and 24000rpm is available.

• Newly developed turning module driven by straight line motor which can realize complex curved structure machining of 3C products.

• Rotate table with direct motor which can improve the machining efficiency .

• Three-axes’ drive system equipped with precise ball screw rod and ball screw line rail which makes rapid speed reach 60m/min.

• Turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other machining can be conducted at the same time, and we are the first among other industries.

Technical Description:

The development of high speed high precise turn-mill combination drilling and tapping machining center is based on customers who pay more attention to beautiful appearance of 3C and consistent improvementfrom machining to surface craft. After adding the turning function, it can finish the turning, milling,drilling and tapping in one time and can match the 3C products with complexly curved surface structure to widely increase machining rate and product qualification rate.

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