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HS-Linear Guide Rail Gantry Machining Centers are mainly used inaerospace, marine, power, armaments, heavy-duty machinery, automotive, machinetool, textile, printing, mold & die and various other industries. Thisseries fully represents Harvest Star’s experience in machining. This series iscapable of machining various large, plate, shell, mold and other types ofprecision machining process. All process of milling, boring, drilling, reaming,tapping and other processes steps could be accomplished efficiently at one setupof workpiece. It fulfills a variety of industries’ machining requirement.  

1.To ensure balanced machining, this series adopt the use ofsliding headstock and four ball screw linear guide rail on z-axis. This is idealfor spindle extended rigid milling and large boring five surface machining.

2.This series comes with Taiwan-madegear driven spindle. Translation drives uses wide speed range AC servo motor alongwith gear transmission system imported from Hamada, Japan.These ensure the low speed and large torque requirement for heavy-duty cuttingand it guarantees constant power operation during high-speed machining.

3.Spindle comes with intelligent thermostat system which controlsoil cooling thus ensuring temperature stability for extensive period ofoperation.

4.Machinebase, work table, column, beam, saddle, and headstock uses resin sand molding. High-rigidityiron casting providing stiffness and high-rigid structure.

Travel Distance
X- Axis Travelmm3200 
Y- Axis Travelmm2900 
Z- Axis Travelmm1000 
Spindle nose to table surfacemm320-1320 
Spindle center to column surface mm450 
Distance between columnsmm2700 
Table Surface to Beam Height mm1400 
Table Dimensionmm3200*2400 
T-slot Metric mm11*28*200 
Max. weight on tablekg10000 
Spindle Speedrpm6000 
Spindle Taper#BT50 
Spindle Transmission method #Gear 
Transmission Ratio#1:1,1:4 
Drive Powerkw22(25) 
Feed Rates
Cutting Speedmm/min1-6000 
X/ Y/ Z Feed Ratem/min12/12/10 
Servo Motor
X/Y/Z Axis Motor powerkw9.0/7.0/6.0 
Tool Switching System (Optional)
Tool Magazine Type  Chain-type 
Number of ToolsPcs40 
Max. Tool WeightKg15 
Max. Tool Lengthmm300 
Tool Diameter (Full load / Partial Load)mm112/200 
Retention Knob Angle 45 
Positioning precisionmm0.005/300 
Repeating positioning precisionmm0.003/300 
Pneumatic Source requirement Kg/cm26.5 
Coolant Tank CapacityL300 
Power requirement KVA65 
Machine weightkg36000 
Machine Dimension (L x W x H)mm10000*6500*4560 

Standard Configuration Optional Configuration Controller Options
Gear-Driven Spindle 6000rpm Direct-driven Spindle 6000/8000rpm Mitsubishi M70V-A
Weights System with Hydraulic Cylinder and Nitrogen cylinder Chain-type Tool Changer Fanuc Oi-MD
Centralized  Automatic Lubrication System Water Discharge though Spindle Central  Siemens 840D
Spindle Oil Cooling System Cutting fluid through Tools  
Stainless Steel Control Panel with Crystal Button Automatic Tool length Measurement  
Explosion-Proof Lamp  Automatic Workpiece Measurement  
Tricolor Alarm Lamp Rotary Table-4th axis  
Detached Hand Wheel Rotary Table-5th axis  
Port of CF/USB/RS232/Network Cable Pneumatic Clamping Unit  
Heat Exchanger of Electrical Cabinet Hydraulic Clamping Unit  
Pedal for Tool Loosen Water Tank with Oil Separator  
Tool box Electrical Cabinet Air Condition  
Full Guarding Closed-loop Grating Scale  
Screw-type and Linear-type Chip conveyor with trolley Manual 90 Degree Side Milling Head/Extend Head/Universal Milling Head  
 High Precision Planetary Reducer for X axis Automatic 90 Degree Side Milling Head/Extend Head  
Full Set of Maintenance Handbook and Program Manual 5 Axis Milling Head  

More specifications please download the documentDownloadColumns