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•  Taiwan-made high-precision spindle is assembled with class P4 bearing. The standard speed is10,000 rpm,and 12,000rpm is available.

•  40T drum type tool changer and the tool change time can be2sec, 60 T or 90T Chain Type Tool changer is also available.

•  Fully enclosed body design can avoid oil and mist impacts on environment and protects workers’ health during high speed machining oeration.Such design is environmental and humanized.

Technical Description:
Because of the high speed machining, high rigidity, high precision,light transmission parts and column of horizontal machining center series, so the positioning precision is high. The maximum speed of spindle can reach 12000rpm and the speed of three-axis is 30m/min. This series is applicable to mass production of complex part shapes and high precision products, especially the machining of housing and complex structural component. There is optional grating ruler which can guarantee high precision.

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