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• High-speed and low-speed gear with direct transmission of standard spindle gear type and transmission efficiency can reach 90%. High-speed gear achieves higher cutting efficiency and low-speed gear offers higher rigidity cutting. The spindle speed is 6000rpm.

• Integrated base, cross rail and column solve rigidity deficiency and vibration issues. All major castings are strong HT300 inoculated cast iron with resin sand molding. After special heat treatment to realize relief of stress, there are no structural deformations even after years of usage.

• Spindle equipped with intelligent thermostat cooling  system ensures constant temperature for spindle system continuous and stable operation for a long time.

• Z-axis and spindle center are conplane, so it can improve the trimming moment, and enhance cutting performance.

Technical Description:
Hard Rail Gantry Machining Centers are mainly used in large mold, precise machinery parts, aviation parts, large electronics products and other industries. This series is capable for machining various large, plate parts, shell parts, molds and other precision numerical control machining. Milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping and other procedures can be accomplished efficiently at one setup of work piece and suit for a variety challenging industries.

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